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a moment, texas first. casey stegall is standing by live in the city of west. casey? >> yeah, megyn. and right now they are still not letting members of the press any closer to the site of this bomb blast. so we remain here at the media staging area. we want to tell you that officials here on the ground have told us they have made their preliminary sweeps of all of the homes and all of the businesses inside that large blast zone. we can tell that you no reports, additional reports of any survivors but on the flip side, no reports of any additional fatalities as well what they are doing right now as we speak. going back through this five block area around the fertilizer plant and combing through the rubble again. canine units are now being used to help. this is still classified as a search and rescue operation atf officials are on their way to the small farming community to lead the investigation and figure out what caused the initial fire you saw in the amateur video and then that dramatic blast. the concussion could be felt some 80 miles away in parts of dallas. can you believe it
ended up sitting in galveston bay, a texas city loaded down with more than 2,000 tons of ammonium nitrate we were going to ship to our ally, france. on board, a sailor tossed a cigarette below deck. it was manufactured as explosive during the war and treated as up by the military and after the war treated as fertilizer by civilians who didn't know better and might not have known it was explosive. this sailor threw a cigarette blow deck and a fire started on galveston bay. all of the city came to see the fire on that ship, thousands of people crowding to the harbor and then the ship exploded in a blast the great texas journalist wrote in a book about the explosion characterizes kind of along the lines of nagasaki, between 600 and 800 people were killed instantly. 5,000 people were injured. nearby airplanes were knocked out of the sky. texas city, texas, was nearly wiped off the map. we have a picture of the shaft from the grand camp's engine which ended up way inland clear across the railroad tracks. the 3,000 pound anchor from the ship was thrown across the city, and was the large
happened last night in the city of west, there in texas, about 20 miles north of waco. and 66 years ago to the day, this all too eerie. yesterday's "the new york times" front page in 1947 detailed another texas blast. this one in texas city, killing hundreds and injures thousands of others. >>> an arrest has been made in the murder of a texas district attorney, kim lee williams the wife of a former texas justice of the peace has confessed that she and her husband were involved in the shooting death of koffman county assistant prosecutor and district attorney mark mcclellan and his wife. mrs. williams said her husband shot the two officials who prosecuted him for theft. >>> a suspect is under arrest today in mississippi accused of sending poison letters. federal agents arrested paul kevin curtis for allegedly sending letters contaminated with ricin to president obama and senator roger wick of mississippi. before the letters reached senate offices or white house they were found in mail facilities. >>> the investigation of the boston marathon bombings is focusing on the search for a suspec
. menlo park fire chief who's talked about the texas city fertilizer explosion that killed hundreds in the 1940s believes yesterday's disaster will become another one for the textbooks. he has questions about how firefighters responded to the fire. >> did they make it better or worse? >> reporter: that plant reportedly stored tens of thousands of pounds of a type of ammonia, extremely flammable and explosive when exposed to water. >> with that type of ammonia, if you add water, it's going to expand to a large, white vapor cloud. did that create a different problem for them that they weren't aware of? when you have a volunteer fire department, whether they had that level of training, i don't know. >> reporter: the chief doesn't question the bravery of his texas colleagues who probably knew that they were putting their lives on the line. >> when you go to those calls, you think about dying. you could die. it doesn't always happen, but sometimes it goes wrong. but they were doing their job and that's the job of the firefighter. not to necessarily die in the course of their duties, but,
in american history. >> night and day for three horrible days, the inferno that almost blasted a texas city from the map rages uncontrollable and unchecked. explosion and fire create a holocaust that baffles description and blocks out the sun for miles around. >> an explosion on april 17th, 1947 at a texas city on the gulfcoast happened as fertilizer was being loaded onto a ship. the subsequent chain reaction of fires killed almost 600 people. ammonium nitrate can become a powerful explosive and what the bomber timothy mcveigh used to kill 168 people. there's no connection but the point is fertilizer is a dangerous substance. texas regulators knew they had 12,000 gallon tanks of the ammonia and due to a controlled fire from the fertilizer plant. the dallas news is reporting the plant told the environmental protection agency and local officials it did not present a risk of fire or explosion and worst case scenario would be a 10 minute release of ammonia gas that would kill or in injure no one. records from the occupational safety administration shows the last inspection of the west fertilize
are in place for huston through tonight after the texas city got pounded overnight with 3 to 7 inches of rain. some lakes and bayous are spilling over their banks. strong storms yesterday caused flooding that shut down a major huston tollway to the airport. fortunately that artery has since reopened. yesterday the fire department helped dozens of cars that got stuck in that flooding. nothing like that here. this is now a 96-year tradition. opening day on the bay. a day celebrating boating season. more than 100 yacht clubs get together every year for the festivities. there will be a parade on the bay from noon to three with over 120 historic vessels, classic and contemporary boats. there should be great picture taking opportunities as anything that floats is likely to be out there on the bay today. and the 150 year tradition sell are brace the port of san francisco. it's contributions to the city's past, present and future, there's a big 150 birthday bash at pier 39 starting at 11:00 this morning and tonight at six there will be a gala reception at the historic ferry building. and not to be ov
product. texas is familiar with that. back in the 1940s, the texas city shipped explosion blew up two giant ships filled with anhydrous ammonia. that explosion back in texas city in the 1940s killed thousands of people. >> say on the line, if you will. i want to listen in to the nbc affiliate and their coverage of this development. >> smoldering embers, a patch of orange just near the stadium lights. we have been talking about the football field. we drove past the bat, which looks vacant now. much of the town does as well. lot of the streets are blocked off. we are trying to get closer to where all of this unfolded so that we can bring you more coverage on that. as you drive past gas stations, folks do not want gas to be in the air because of the situation that unfolded. my first impression as you drive in is that it just looks like a ghost town with red in blue police lights. >> ray has arrived on the seam in west, as we continue to look at these images shot. you can see what he is talking about. all of the flashing lights that have converged to help people in this community. we are
. in fact, 66 years ago yesterday on april 16th, 1947 in texas city, a ship load of anhydrous ammonia caught fire and just like today people came out to see the fire, drawn by the smoke and they started taking pictures. the fire got out of control and spread to a neighboring ship, "the grand camp," which also contained anhydrous ammonia. it exploded and that explosion killed thousands of people in texas city. it was the worst industrial accident of the last century. >> okay. i want to talk a little bit about the images we're seeing now. for those who are just joining us, these fires is not as a result -- this is not the plant we're looking at. these are fires that are a result of that initial explosion at the plant. this is the surrounding area. we've been seeing all night a number of buildings on fire and damaged or completely destroyed and that's the surrounding area that has been damaged because of the force of this blast that we now know registered more than a 2.1 magnitude earthquake. we still don't know why this happened. of course explosions like this have, as we just heard from charl
, this was ammonium nitrate that blew. you might remember in 1947, in texas city, texas, a very similar thing happened. there was a fire on a board that was filled with 2300 tons of that stuff. it blew and it killed over 500 people. so this is what we're dealing with in west texas. >> wow. todd, thank you so much for joining us. todd starns from fox news the radio. you've been bringing us perspective there and the latest details. thank you so much. >> thank you, the elizabeth. >> for our folks at home, we heard from a trooper who said that it looks like iraq, and that the murray building in the oklahoma city building is a good comparison, showing you how much devastation we're seeing in west texas. stay with us. we'll have more information after the break. >>> this is a fox news alert. we continue to monitor the situation out of west texas where we heard earlier there are more than 100 injuries in that plant explosion, and we also know there have been fatalities. we're hours away from a press conference where we're learn more. a large team of federal investigators are heading to central texas to inves
in the port of texas city. a ship called the grand camp caught on fire. and just like today, a lot of people came out to the docks to watch the fire and watch the firefighters fight the flames. and the grand camp blew up. that explosion killed thousands of people. but it wasn't over. the next day, the fire was burning. airplanes were circling, looking at the damage. and a second ship, "the high flier" blew up. both ships contained anhydrous ammonia. it's a dangerous product. but a necessary product. this is a farming community. and that's why the plant is here. >> charles hadlock. live in west, texas. you're watching msnbc. we'll have more after this. m on. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance com
devastation in a tiny city of west, texas, where a fertilizer plant exploded just before 8:00 p.m. last night. it shook the area with the same power as a small earthquake. it sent a mushroom cloud into the sky. the area immediately surrounding the plant was devastated. homes and businesses were flattened for several blocks around the plant. a high school, a nursing home, an apartment complex were all in the blast zone. >> it rattled everything in the house. it took my breath away. >> the school is gone. the apartments are gone. it's horrible. >> massive. just like iraq, just like oklahoma city. >> between 5 and 15 people have been killed. the dead are believed to include firefighters who were responding to the fire at the plant when it blew up. at least 160 people have been injured. officials say they are still looking for victims. >> there is massive devastation in the downtown west area. i will tell you at this point they are still in the search and rescue phase and they are currently going from door to door, house to house, business to business still looking for wounded and injured people
in 1947 in texas city texas at a fertilizer plant. it exploded similar to what is happening here today. in that explosion 581 people died making it the deadliest industrial accident in american history. of course the number of deaths not being confirmed here so far. we do know there are deaths. we also know hundreds of people injured. >> obviously the investigation into how exactly this could happen is going to be ongoing. a large team of investigators from the u.s. chemical safety board the csb has been deployed to the scene. they are going to be looking into the cause. it's an independent federal agency and their whole job is to look into this type of industrial chemical accident. they say typically they are looking for physical causes, equipment failure, also regulation issues, et cetera, as casey mentioned this plant was sited in 2006 for a violation. that is many years ago. right now more questions than answers. >> as we wait to hear more information on all of that and the damage the mayor of west texas asking for prayers at his town. there could be several dead including first re
explosion in west, texas. the town's mayor says, the death toll from last night's blast has risen to 35. kron 4's j-r stone has the latest. >> reporter:continuing our coverage of the explosion in texas, the city of west sits in a very rural area. and the blast shook the entire community. it was just a major major explosion! the bond pit picture up and drop to it exploded all round new! the damage could be done far and wide. houses left in ruins and grooves and ripped apart it was utterly destroyed. and now much of the town is still closed off a search and rescue crews still search for survivors. what would you compare this to? a bomb nothing but a bomb there still in the search and rescue face of the process. pam now bactria kron 4's charles clifford the area. it was on fire it was a real heavy blaze and then all the sudden it just exploded maybe 50 ft. maybe farther than that. all the windows are blown man a sonic boom i ended up face down. you weren't there you do not know you do not know we could have been killed. >> reporter: just before 8:00 p.m. wednesday in a fire broke out at a
in the oklahoma city bombing. and the fire burned for days. >> the infern nal that almost blasted texas city from the map rankege raged as uncontrolling. >> thousands were lost or wounded in their homes. the incident became known as the texas city disaster. >> incredible too. >>> many of the responders from last night's disasters are volunteers. what makes them risk it all without getting paid. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." [ female announcer ] dear guys, looking for the perfect pair of levi's? ♪ the right color, the right style, the right fit? come to the levi's denim bar at jcpenney because you deserve the perfect pair at a great price. ♪ get younger looking skin fast. with new olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream. with 2 new anti-aging ingredients. visible wrinkle reduction starts day 1. see youngerooking seforyou. new from olay. ♪ see youngerooking seforyou. (announc) ises. now serving eakfast. was a record collection. no. there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda. [ both ] ugh! when it came to our plants... we were so confused. how much is too much water? too little? until we got
texas to the explosion in oklahoma city. our affiliate kxas has reported that there are hundreds of injured. at least 200 injured. at least 40 in critical condition. we are hearing that area hospitals are receiving patients, that several are being treated for burns. they're treating burn victims, which again would be consistent with the nature of this accident. a massive fertilizer plant explosion. now, that explosion took place reportedly just before 8:00 p.m. this evening local time. there was a fire burning at the time that the explosion took place, and so firefighters were on the scene battling that blaze at the time of the explosion. there are of course a lot of concerns about the fate of those firefighters at this time given that they were on scene at the time that that massive explosion took place. just to give you a sense of how big this explosion was, it was felt as far as 70 miles away. nbc's own charles hadlock was about 58 miles away, and he says that he felt something at the time that this explosion took place. it was heard even farther away. there was an individual
. the explosions happened last night in the city of west, texas. that's about 20 miles north of waco. charles hadlock is live in west, texas, with the latest. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: the good news is that the fire that started all this, at the fertilizer plant, is now under control. in fact, they're not concerned about the fire as much as they are about recovering the remains of people and also searching for survivors, if there are any still out in the neighborhoods. as far as we know, there's been about 150 people injured by our count. and fatalities, we're just not certain. the authorities say they are fatalities. they're not certain of the number. we're expecting a briefing at the top of the hour. perhaps we'll have more numbers at that point. this is a small farming community. the fertilizer plant was a major employer here in town. the fire broke out about 6:30 local time. and by 7:45, it was burning out of control. and at 7:50, it exploded. an explosion that was felt at least 60 miles away. i felt it in kaufman county. it registered on a seismometer in amarillo, t
joining us. there was a large explosion at a fertilizer plant in the city of west, texas. it's not west texas. it's the city of west, texas. about 2,800 residents in that town. you were listening to sergeant patrick swanton, updating us on the story, in terms of what the officials are saying, 5 to 15 fatalities. three to five first responders are missing at this hour. they're using a local high school football feed as a triage center. and in terms of who is sent to area hospitals to get a sense of how many people may have been injured, from minor to see veer, area hospitals have treated 160 people right now. the neighborhood surrounding this fertilizer plant remains shut down. we're told that utilities are turned off, as well. and authorities are going house-by-house to, assess injuries and who may still be in their homes and to encourage them to remain in their homes until daylight and they can secure the area and make sure it is safe. of course, there was concern about ammonia in the air. sergeant swanton said right now, there's no particular concern about the air quality. they will c
tragedy? tragedy in texas. >> treating the wounded and >>> that breaking news is in texas in the city where a fertilizer plant exploded. >> hundreds of hurt taken to a football field turned into a triage center. >> several people have been killed in this massive blast and fire that raged for hours. >> this blast has rocked the sound of west, a community 80 miles south of dallas. john alston is monitoring the latest developments from the newsroom. >> the danger has not passed as fumes are lingering in the area and an emergency room doctor said earlier at least two emt firefighters had been killed. officials expect many more fatalities. are more than a hundred people have been hurt and taken to local hospitals. the flames were already raging and firefighters were pouring water on the fertilizer plants when disaster struck. the massive explosion could be felt more than 40 miles away. in the immediate area the results are devastating. the mayor of west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and
get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. texas in the city where a fertilizer plant exploded. >> hundreds of hurt taken to a football field turned into a triage center. >> several people have been killed in this massive blast and fire that raged for hours. >> this blast has rocked the sound of west, a community 80 miles south of dallas. john alston is monitoring the latest developments from the newsroom. >> the danger has not passed as fumes are lingering in the area and an emergency room doctor said earlier at least two emt firefighters had been killed. officials expect many more fatalities. are more than a hundred people have been hurt and take to local hospitals. the flames were already raging and firefighters were pouring water on the fertilizer plants when disaster struck. the massive explosion could be felt more than 40 miles away. in the immediate area the results are devastating. the mayor of west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massi
texas in the city where a fertilizer plant exploded. >> hundreds of hurt taken to a football field turned into a triage center. >> several people have been killed in this massive blast and fire that raged for hours. >> this blast has rocked the sound of west, a community 80 miles south of dallas. john alston is monitoring the latest developments from the newsroom. >> the danger has not passed as fumes are lingering in the area and an emergency room doctor said earlier at least two emt firefighters had been killed. officials expect many more fatalities. are more than a hundred people have been hurt and taken to local hospitals. the flames were already raging and firefighters were pouring water on the fertilizer plants when disaster struck. the massive explosion could be felt more than 40 miles away.. in the immediate area the results are devastating. th west texas west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah
industrial accident in american history. that was the texas city disaster. that was another fertilizer explosion, and i'm reading here, that left 581 people dead. that was when a french vessel was hauling ammonium nitrate that caught fire. so a tragic coincidence there. weather, of course, has been a major concern here. we're watching that very closely, because we expect it to play a very big role as you heard throughout our coverage here. let's go back to our meteorologist ivan cabrera. this is going to make a big difference for first responders. >> they're going to have to contend with severe thunderstorms rolling through. this is horrific time. we knew this front was coming but didn't know what was going to transpire yesterday. here's texas. severe thunderstorm watch now in effect, very close to where we have that fertilizing explosion. expecting that watch to be extended further to the east. we're about 4 1/2 to 5 hours from the storms as they continue to roll in. i want to show you some of these storms are prompting severe thunderstorm warnings here through abilene and heading to
on april 17th, 1947 and texas city on the gulf coast happened as fertilizer was loaded on the ship. the chain reaction of fires killed almost 600 people. ammonium nitrate can be a powerful explosive. it is what timothy mcveigh used to blow up the alfred p. myrrh row building. there is no reason to suspect foul play in this incident. the point is that fertilizer is a dangerous substance. in 2006, according to the dallas morning news, texas regulators knew the west fertilizer company had 12,000 tanks of ammonia and a school was evacuated due to a controlled fire from the fertilizer plant. the dallas morning news is saying the plant told officials it did not praent risk of fire or explosion and worse-case scenario would be a ten-minute release of ammonia gas that would kill or injure no one and then this. records from the federal occupational safety and health administration show the agency's last inspection of the west fertilizer plant happened in 1985. for a few violations that osha considered serious the company was fined, wait for it, $30. $30. 28 years seems like a long time betw
of heavy rain in the vicinity and they are approaching the west texas city area right now. and we do also know we're expecting a shift in the wind. a shift in the wind is very significant because you're going to be talking about if there are chemicals out there they could possibly be shifted in a different direction. fire fighters will also have to move to combat the fire into another direction. and any evacuations could be issued additionally because of the shift in the wind. right now they're out of the south. very strong wind currently out of the south, sustained at about 24 miles per hour in the city of west texas, gusting to 32 miles per hour. those conditions are expected to continue throughout the day today. and they will remain strong even as we head into friday. that's what we're looking at in the city of west, texas. there is a cold front, once that front moves east, they'll be blowing towards the south. the winds will remain strong, gusting up to 35 miles per hour throughout the day today. the storms we're tracking have the potential to dump large hail, producing damaging wind
. about a month after this happened to me in the city of arlington, texas, another city attorney had a hit taken out on them, also working on sexually oriented businesses. not that guy. -- they caught that guy. clearly, it is something that goes on that people don't recognize. >> i'm looking at an article in the houston chronicle that talked about the fact you were beaten senseless by an unidentified intruder who left bleeding, cracked and fist sized bruises on your face and chest. not found the person who did this. and this is how many years later? or how many months later? >> about a year-and-a-half. it happened september 17, 2011 rid know, they have not found anybody. >> your not raped or robbed? >> no. that is one of the reasons it wants to professional job. i had money out, jewelry out. nothing was taken or disturbed. i was not sexually assaulted. by the nature of the injuries on my head in the back of my head, certain shapes of them, a friend of mine, former special ops, said it is either someone who knows martial arts or a professional hit. somebody had followed me home from the gro
on >> officials say that the area impacted by the fertilizer plant explosion in west texas is safe. city council member steve vanek says that the first wave of residents should be allowed to move back in today. however they will be subject to a curfew for the time being. the west fertilizer company exploded on wednesday -- killing fourteen people and injuring dozens more. portions of the town were leveled and dozens of homes were damaged. yesterday authorities began inspecting the area. this is what council member vanek had to say today. >> everything is safe. any rumors that you've heard today, forget about it. it's good. we're trying to get our people back in, and i want to encourage that please. everything is safe, safe, and safe. >> police in denver colorado are searching for one or two suspects who opened fire during a 4-20 celebration. this is the first time the state has hosted such an event since they legalized marijuana. a man and a women were both shot but are expected to survive. the man's dog was also shot -- but there was no further information available on the
information. >>> google chose austin texas to be the next city wired. it joins kansas city in being able to get google fiber. they expect homes to begin receiving it in austin in 2014. google and apple continue to lead the way when it comes to member bill app stores. they have a strong lead over microsoft windows and blackberry. apple is the largest share around 74%. google saw the greatest number of downloads. >>> bay area lawmaker is pushing for a later last call at bars in california. state senator mark leno says extending the open time to 4:00 a.m. brings in more tourist and jobs. most bar owners are in favor of the move while law enforcement agencies are against it. >>> a significant warm-up still in store. i'll tell you the parts of the bay area that reach 80 degrees. >>> what they said to reassure community members in a meeting that ended. >>> immigration reform in the bay area, coming up. nationwide s lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fl
at how that besieged city recovers by being "boston strong." people in west texas are beginning to return home after that horrific explosion. we see how the town is coping with the disaster >> temperatures are in the '60s and '70s. your forecast, coming up. . >> people in the boston area are breathing a sigh of relief now that the manhunt for the deadly marathon bombers is over. jake tapper ventured out into the city to see how people are feeling after yesterdays lockdown. >> reporter: today, boston tried to get back to normal. this afternoon's red sox game, re-scheduled because of the manhunt was a chance for the city to come together. and the city's most public space, boston common, was alive again after yesterday's eerie quiet. families strolled, relieved to finally have their city back after this week of terror. >> were you angry? >> absolutely angry. little scared for my kids. we haven't told them about it or anything, but definitely angry. as her daughter played at the water's edge, this mother said she could finally exhale. >> it's been terrifying. i mean it's definitely an amazing
at this out of el paso, texas. 107b story city hall build-- the 10-story city hall building was demolished. they cordoned off a large section of the downtown area ahead of the implosion and it wept off without a hitch. >>> -- went off without a hitch. >>> this moose to pick on someone his own size. this consider -- goose is chasing a gorilla. and you can see the primate running away in fear. the video is shot in the zoo in capsas and canadian geese ended -- kansas and canadian geese ended up in the enclosures and they are chasing them out of there. someone needs to tell the gorilla he is a gorilla and the goose he's goose. >>> how much wood cay woodchuck chuck? -- can a woodchuck chuck? i am sure you never wondered how many ice cream a woodchuck could chuck. this woodchuck is a pet and his owner gave him the treat for his birthday. everybody should get ice cream on their birthday. >> look at him. >> i know. >> eating away. >> so cute though right. >> very cute. >> happy monday. it's nice to have you back lynette charles. >> thank you. >> hopefully you are returning to good weather. >> i di
home and apartment complex. casey stiegel is live in the city of west, texas. casey you've been on the story all morning with us. this is being characterized as a search-and-rescue effort still to find people trapped? >> reporter: patti ann, good morning to you, search-and-rescue, that is the operative phrase that is being bounced around a lot with the local authorities on the ground here because they say, there is still definitely a possibility that there may be survivors trapped under the rubble. it's been a chilly night here. we have a severe thunderstorm that has's been moving in. they say their main mission as of right now is to search for life. so they are going door-to-door to door in this giant swath of this neighborhood in downtown west, texas. not geographically west, but the community, the town of west, texas, about 20 miles north of waco and they're going door-to-door searching for people who may be alive and may need help. before i show you video i want you to get a sense for all the media gathered right here in this spot. we are being really far back from the actua
in texas, the city of west sits in a very rural area. and the blast shook the entire community. now you're the details that we know right now between five and 15 people were killed. there could has there could have been as many as 35 that were killed because so many people are missing. with all that damage the rules that literally blew off a lot of these places. >> the railroad tracks in certain areas were basically fuse together the explosion blew the lautrec's right next to each other at the explosion taken place near during school hours and would have an unfortunate situation involving children thankfully that did not happen. >> here at this apartment complex just a pure disaster. this is one of the officials in the area, because the his right here. this is just one of many houses this image that you are looking at right here. again between 5 and 15 people believed to be dead. j.r. stone kron 4 news >> >> pam: the blast shook the entire community. new at six. gives us a closer look at what happened. anger and frustration today. >> the shock wave damaged and destroyed a nearby homes
storms. we have thunderstorms and areas of heavy rain from houston texas up to the city of detroit. a large storm system and on the backside of this like ainsley mentioned we have heavy snow expected anywhere between 8 to 12 inches of snow across central portions of the state of minnesota including cities like minneapolis. keep that in mind through out the day today. it is not a good day for traveling. we have a number of winter storm warnings in effect. where temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark we have the freezing rain coming down and also ice accumulations. an ice storm warning is in effect through the southeastern parts of minnesota talking about slippery roadways so power outages wlbill be a concern out here. sometimes ice can be worse than snow. there's a severe threat width spread across parts of of the ohio valley into the florida panhandle. talking about more tornadoes possible damaging gusts as they head east. heather and patty ann possibly producing flash flooding. >> it is time for the 5@5:00. a terrifying hostage situation comes to an end with the gunman
aaron will remain in the hospital. more chilling video coming out of the city of west, in texas, as rescue workers continue to search for survivors of the deadly fertilzer plant explosion. the town's mayor says, the death toll from last night's blast has risen to 35. with more than 160 people hurt. after the explosion, most of the town was evacuated, and as you can see. not much left of the area near the fertilizer plan. tonight. an apartment complex destroyed, houses left in ruins, and roofs ripped apart. the blast was so large, it registered as a 2- point 1- magnitude seismic event tonight rescue crews remain hopeful. calling their work a "search and rescue operation" looking for survivors of last nights blast. >> burglaries on the rise in concord. police say, there have been 24 residential, commerical and vehicle burlaries in the past week. compared to 17 the week prior, and 16 before that. kron four's philippe djegal speaks with one of the latest victim's who says, the theives in that case were scared away. >> you can see that the remote control was over here. >> reporter: e
. >> officials say that the area affected by the fertilizer plant explosion in west, texas is safe. city council member steve vanek says that the first wave of residents should have been allowed to move back in yesterday. however they will be under a curfew for the time being. the west fertilizer company exploded on wednesday -- killing fourteen people and injuring dozens more. portions of the town were leveled and dozens of homes were damaged. authorities began inspecting the area on friday. council member vanek has re- assuring words for his community. >> everything is safe. any rumors you have heard today, forget about it. it is good. we are trying to get people back in and i want to encourage that everything is." safe, safe, and safe". >> it's been three years since the 2010 b-p oil spill in the gulf. and the legal batttle continues. florida's attorney general filed a 40-page lawsuit on saturday in federal court against b-p and halliburton. it comes one day after mississippi officials filed a spill related lawsuit before the three-year statute of limitations expires. florida's lawsuit focuse
against the driver are pending. >>> next to el paso, texas. the implosion of the old city hall building lasted less than ten seconds and rattled neighbors. nearby residents ducked for cover as the blast blew debris through apartment windows. >>> the longest breech in the florida keys attracted over 1,500 runners. two floridians took home the top prizes in men's and women's division. >>> in sports now, an exciting playoff finish at the masters. on the second playoff hole, cabrera's putt for birdie stopped short of the hole. then, adam scott sank his 12-foot putt giving him a one stroke victory over cabrera. scott is the first australian to win the masters. >> what an incredible day. everything fell my way in the end i guess. you just never know and i just kept plugging away. >> good for him. following the win, they held the traditional green jacket ceremony there to welcome scott into the exclusive club as masters champion. jason day was third and tiger woods was tied for fourth. the big controversy came following a television viewer's call and tiger woods was given a two-stroke penalty
% of the american people. not people from dallas, texas, new york city, l.a., but everyone in america from every state. time and time again, on issue after issue, i'm sorry to say republicans put their short-term political goals and interests at the interest of mainstream americans. the american people are awake and alert. they are paying attention. they will not stand for this forever. 90% of americans agree expanding background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists is one of them. today the brand other republican party has become even more out of step, more extreme than it was before. that says a lot. the beginning of this process, on the floor today, i heard some wonky sounding language. what this means is that this issue will not go away. the people behind me have been hurt physically and emotionally with violence. they will continue working with us. we have not given up. they deserve better. the families deserve better. i pledge to keep them and everyone and assure them i will do everything i can do fight for meaningful background check legislation. the fight has
bomb would look like with a city councilperson from west texas said a four-block radius completely decimated. others compared it to the oklahoma city bombing and, of course, this fertilizer plant making the kind of ammonia-based fertilizer that was used in the oklahoma city bombing. >> interesting note. the oklahoma city bombing, the 18-year anniversary is friday. >> also the same week as the waco, texas, branch davidian situation. waco is about 20 minutes from west texas. some interesting, strange coincidences. >> coincidences right now. nothing that we can say is connected and hundreds of first responders from all over texas did rush to help, and we have abc's jim ryan among the first to arrive at the scene. jim, describe what you're seeing. >> reporter: well, it's obviously dark and it's dusty and it's not smoky anymore. it was smoky earlier. of course, the wind is blowing in the opposite direction toward the plant and that's good news. it's blowing north, which is away from populated areas. if it shifts around to the south, as forecasters say it might, then that could cause pro
in the city of west texas.just niorth of waco.has injured several people. these are live pictures above the area. we're learning dozens of people are ceo told to expect more than 100 people needing medical attention. the football field at a local high school is at anow at eight: a triage.. >> dispatcher: there are firefighters down. >> we have many people down. please respond. >> dispatcher: i will send everybody. it that we have, there are firefighters and there has been in the explosion at the fertilizer plant >> reporter: you can hear the seriousness. the fire is west, in relation to waco, dallas. to show you, where this was that exploded. you can see that nothing really of consequence to the east but look at the west. this is the middle school that burned. this high school is a triage. and it. and more homes here. with a large area. i just heard that there were 5 mi. away, their front door was blown off. ! this is a major, breaking news in dallas. this is in west texas. not that far from waco. the repercussions, continue to be very serious and we will continue to br
places in the country the border cities of texas are among the safest in the country. across the border however the cartel's rule and raged 20,000 people are missing over the last five years and northern mexico give us your best judgment how long we will ignore the reality. >> contrary to what the administration says the border is not secure. it is better in -- benny used to be in some places it is worse. the main problem is the drug rtel that comes back and forth at will and now they quit bringing drugs now they're into racketeering, kidnapping and human trafficking for money. this just a matter of time we will see more events like the one. lou: this is not often discussed with the men's corruption in mexico everything in the government is tainted and. all of it is domestic services. no one talks about the corruption in the americas. and and not heaving counting thosto get away anywhere between 25 through $50 billion of drugs across the border and a homeland secretary saying everything is just fine the national media sucks it up like a sponge and goes about its business. this is sicken
the southeast. but it has dropped into the 40s in texas. 34 degrees in kansas city all because of this cold front moving eastward. and you can see right along that cold front is where we have the potential of stronger storms. no tornado watches in effect just yet. western kentucky and tennessee expired. the best chance of seeing damaging winds, large hail will be across the gulf coast states for today. right now the heavy rain continues from louisville, into bowling green, memphis, tennessee. and lots of lightning with this storm system moving across parts of louisiana. on the backside, we have a lot of snow. the snow is coming down very heavy. northwest of minneapolis and st. cloud, minnesota where we could end up today with up to 9 to 12 inches of snow. so this is just a big spring time snowstorm in the northern plains. we'll have to watch out for severe storms later this afternoon in the gulf. >> rain coming our way friday, too, friday night. >> after a nice stretch a couple of days, we're due for some rain. >> the roller coaster continues. thanks, dylan. >> the opening round of the mast
in the crosshairs. pyongyang says it is targeting u.s. cities including austin, texas. >> stephen: yes, austin, texas. no surprise-- kim jong un is a sworn enemy of the south by southwest festival. [laughter] i mean -- [cheers and applause] i have managed to obtain this footage. >> (translated) it's just gotten so commercial lately. i saw wilco play this tiny club in '95 and it was awesome, but these days it feels like they've sold out. i say let's turn austin into a desolate wasteland like houston. [laughter] >> stephen: so, will north korea attack america? or will we bomb them forward into the stone age? who can say? here to say is georgetown university professor and author of "the impossible state," victor cha. mr. cha, thank you so much for joining me. [cheers and applause] you wrote the book on the regime here in north korea "the impossible state." should i actually be frightened of what is happening in north korea? is it like ah he's crazy or ahhh he's crazy? >> i think it's a little of both. on the one hand he has done a lot of weird things over the past year that look harmless but on t
the recession. as you can see from the screen here, six cities are in texas and the rest scattered across the country. what they have in common is this: they are anchored by either universities, government agencies or high-tech industries like auto plants or even oil fields in some case. this is what is troubling: 44 months since the recession, the u.s. economy has three million fewer jobs than when the recession started. pretty scary. >> there is no recovery when you look at the labor market. >> thanks so much. lauren simonetti live for us. it is now ten minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, one town about to require all residents to own a gun, but is this a good idea? we report and you decide. >> the energy department breaking the rules to hand out six-figure checks. and they did it on your dime. but first as we go to break, take a look at the gasoline prices. new national average $3.64 cents. that is up one penny from that is up one penny from yesterday. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's
flooding in houston, texas. up to seven inches of rain fell on the city within just a few hours. the rising water made writing dangerous for motorists. a were stranded for hours after sections of highways became -- motorists were stranded for hours after sections of highways became flooded. for the first time students of all races were able to at tend a prompt at a school in georgia. it has been almost 60 years since the supreme court desegregated state schools. and white teenagers arm in arm at the start of their high school prom, the end of term dance party held in almost every u.s. school at the final semester of the year. ♪ what is a normal sight in most of the country is making headlines here in rochelle, georgia. until now, the students had to separate proms, one for african- americans, one for whites. five of the youngsters who helped to bring about the change. lifelong friends, they say one day it struck them, this is silly. , we dong away with that not have a black class, white class. we have one class, one prom, one football team, one math class. >> their campaign started on fac
explosion in west, texas. the city's medical director, his face bloodied, organizing the search and rescue effort after he had obviously undergone injuries himself. and then updating reporters on the situation. >> there was just a major, major explosion. the windows came in on me, the roof came in on me, the ceiling came in. i worked my way out to go get some more help. of course we lost all communication because the power went out. the station is badly damaged a whole 1,500 block of still meadow. my son lives there. luckily he was on the second floor or his roof would have fallen on him. that whole street is gone. >> he's on the phone with us now. we see the picture of you last night, we see your face bloodied. how are you today? >> i'm doing fine. went to the hospital about 4:00 in the morning had everything sutured i needed to get sutured. so i'm all right. >> well, i'm glad to hear that, sir. and what can you tell us about the other casualties? there seems to be so much uncertainty today i know they're still going door-to-door. how many people do you know at this point lost their lives
in the morning from west texas. and in daylight the reality and the horror in that city of 2600. >> pam: bay bridge safety concerns with still released documents. bay bridge safety concerns still unfolding. newly released documents show. state transportation officials expressed concern about the integrity of some of the steel components for the new bridge, more than four years ago. according to published reports. in 2008. cal-trans criticized the bridge contractor. for rushing the test schedule. and delivering products that did not meet specifications. this information comes as engineers try to determine what caused dozens of metal rods -- like this one-- to snap, earlier this year. the parts are meant to keep the bridge safe during an earthquake. cal-trans is still working on a fix. it's not known if the bridge's planned labor day opening will be affected. >> pam: the u-s senate blocked a proposal to expand background checks on gun sales. the plan failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass. families petition to the leaders with the unspeakable gregrief not just the children that were perishe
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